What I Learned from Yoga

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    Handling Stress

    Stress.  As a CEO you’re supposed to be immune to stress.  You’re the captain of the ship; the general of the army.  Never let them see you sweat…all that stuff.  But, you’re also human.  All humans experience stress in one form or another and a various times.  The important thing is what to do about it.  The way you handle the stress that life presents is the key. The other issue as a CEO is that you rarely have people you can confide in.  No one really wants to hear about your troubles, and, see above, you are not supposed to have any troubles.  Many of the activities you can…

  • Management,  What I Learned from Yoga

    Zen and the Art of Business

    Yin and Yang I’ve worked out for pretty much my entire life.  I played football and basketball in high school and football in college.  Working out meant pushing yourself: more reps, more weight, faster laps, more distance.  My mentality was one of pain makes gain.  Until, that is, I started yoga.  I’ve now been practicing yoga for going on 16 years.  When I first started I had the same mentality.  If I couldn’t reach a certain pose, it was because I wasn’t working hard enough.  I would push myself into a pose and still not get there.  It wasn’t until one of my instructors started to stress the yin and…