Welcome to the Un-CEO

Why are you here?
Hopefully you’re here to learn. A reasonable person would see a track record of success and think that there could be something to be learned there. The problem, which hopefully you’ll learn here, is one of the most common biases, Survivorship Bias. Survivorship bias is when you only study the successes and not the failure and therefore potentially come to false conclusions based on only a sliver of the evidence. In a world of hype, I’m trying to promote critical thinking and a way to battle the hype. My goal is to add humanity and humility back to the role of CEO and to business management in general.

Why is Mike the Un-CEO?
The un-CEO brings humility and authenticity to his title where these values are usually lacking or seen as weak. Mike Oeth shows uncommon strength in his ability to connect with both clients and colleagues on a human level… taking the customer service industry to new heights.

Why is Mike doing this?
I feel it’s important to give back to the community. I enjoy being involved in startup ventures and I think that there is a lot to be learned to bring management into the 21st Century. I feel like we’re still stuck in Industrial Revolution management thinking. Now that we’re going to have to compete against not just the competition, but against AI as well, it’s time to up our game.

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